Jorge was born into a family of artisans and salespeople in Puerto Rico, studied at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington DC, and cut my teeth in digital communications in New York, just as the 2008 global crash was setting the tone for a very disruptive decade. For the past 8 years I have worked as an ethnographer and strategist, for clients in places like São Paulo, Lyon, Guangzhou, and Jeddah. The output varied, but most projects have involved understanding emerging systems and behaviors, often demystifying the technologies and cultural context underpinning them.

This has always been guided by actively supporting communities that foster social justice, freedom of expression and democratic mobilization – such as Fearless Cities North America, The Feast, and Digital Democracy. A moment of reckoning two years ago led me to Berlin to co-found Coliga, a values-led startup offering infrastructure for freelancers, cooperatives, and de-centralized organizations.

I’m currently focused on supporting projects innovating food systems and food culture, as well as health – including mental and sexual health.